How to grow as a PHP developer like a rock star

PHP the “hypertext processor” programming language whenever I hear this word it feels like god’s language set for me. Because The PHP saved my career, life, and everything. Currently, I am married and have one child also and living my happy life. PHP is my life to change server side programming language and I am enjoying it. Basically, I am a Computer science Engineer and was jobless after passing out from my college. I was trying many companies with my college technical skills but not succeed. Finally, I have learned PHP and got hired by a company with basic fresher PHP questions. Therefore I say PHP is a language sent by God to me.

So Still, if you haven’t  Job or got stuck with your old PHP job now it’s time to grow up and make more passive income as a PHP developer. Here I will discuss how to start your career as a Php developer and grow yourself as a rock star.

How to get a PHP developer job easily?

First get a job:  Yes, don’t worry as a programmer it’s very easy to get PHP developer job. Just go through the basic PHP functions and logics like C or C++. I assume you know basic C/C++. My favorite place for PHP learning is You can go through step by step slowly and before going to the Interview read some PHP interview questions asked by most companies.I can assure you that if you know already basics of C/C++ you can grab PHP developer job within a week.

After Getting a Job what to do now: I have seen in my office several colleges are there. They have more experience than me and working like a dull employee and getting old salary no increment and usually, throw a common dialogue “PHP is not a good language we cannot make good money from PHP server scripting language”. I will say so sorry for such colleges who are living their precious life like this. Therefore don’t focus on other negative dialogues and believe on yourself. Just focus on just your own work and learn daily.

So the question is what to learn: Now I will tell you what to learn and some futuristic PHP supporting languages which will help you to grab more opportunity in future.

  1. First get more strength in programming logics by daily practice and participating coding competitions.
  2. Learn supporting languages first and most wanted supporting language is jQuery. It is a javascript library and mostly time used in web application with PHP and other web technologies
  3. Learn Data exchange technologies like JSON or XML.
  4. Payment Gateway integration as much as possible. Example : PayPal,
  5. Web Services like RESTful and SOAP.
  6. Databases Mysql, MongoDB, PDO
  7. Learn CMS plugin and module development for WordPress, Drupal, Magento.
  8. Theme Integration for popular CMS like Magento and WordPress.
  9. Learn at least one MVC frameworks among CodeIgnitor, CakePHP, Laravel, Zend etc.
  10. Good team player attitude, work hard and focus on own not others dialogues.

If you will the above top 10 rules I can challenge you that within a year your salary will double or triple. I will request you to read this top 10 rule daily after coming from office till these rules will set on your subconscious mind never forgot to follow. By following this top 10 rules I have made my career better and still making better. Now my salary is four times greater than I have started.

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