Create First app in Node.js

Create your first app in Node.js with Express.js

From this tutorial, I have started this tutorial series on Node.js, It will be from the basic to expert level and I assure that it will be better than video…

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Swap two numbers

Swap two numbers without using third variable in JavaScript

Swapping two numbers are very easy, but its very trendy among new language learner. And it should trendy because its little tricky and mathematical. These is a very basic program…

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Palindrome number checking

Palindrome Number Checking Using TypeScript

I was facing problem to write basic programs like Palindrome number, Armstrong number, Prime number checking in JavaScript which I have already write many times in C language. I did…

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Difference between Let and var

Difference Between Let and Var in Javascript with Example

We have started a tutorial series for developers who are curious to learn MEAN stack and become a Pro on the related technologies. Friends we all know that how the…

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Strategy to get your first job after B.Tech

We should have a concrete strategy to get our first job. Like which company should we target or which technology should I follow to launch into our first job. I think we should start to plan and prepare for that early as possible. Because as much as you prepare your chances of getting selected will increase.

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startup jobs

Should I Work on a Big Corporate or Startup?

Working at a big corporate office might seem fun and has its own set of benefits, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering to work for a Startup company. Sure,…

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