About Us

Hi, I am Sandeep Kumar Dan, I am a UI Engineer. I love to learn new technologies and also like to share what I learn. Btech Shouter is a product of my college days passion. When I was in my college. I tried many free blogging platforms for expressing my thoughts and views about programming languages and latest web technologies. I believe in never give up strategy and I continue to work on until, I achieve it.

As we know technology is transforming very fast and in a dramatic way. In  every second something new happens in technologies and its very difficult for us to be updated. I believe that without losing our productive time and precious focus we should focus on a single technology or we can say in a single industry and get expertise of it.

I  welcome you in BtechShouter – A MEAN Stack tutorial blog. I started  BtechShouter to express my thoughts as a tutorials which can be helpful who wants to follow his passion as a UI engineer.  I will explore following technologies which are trending most, like Angular, NodeJS, MongoDB, ExpressJs, ReactJS, EmberJS, algorithm and data structure, System Design and many more.

What makes BtechShouter unique?

As I said BtechShouter is a product of my UI engineering passion. I always share here the what I work on and have expertise. All tutorials are series of articles and related with real world example. not just a career guide blog, we take care of your overall development. Our main focus will be on increasing your awareness about future web technologies, getting admission to overseas universities for higher education, motivational true stories, interviews, and  biographies of UI engineers, and all successful personalities whose life motivates us.

Last words, We always try to become best human beings of all time and always try push yourself for the better life. So, we help each other and make our society a better place. It is our ultimate goal to achieve. Please support us and be a part of our journey. Thank you for the read, please like share and subscribe and be happy spread happiness.