The fastest way to make resume

Fastest way to write a resume

Today, I will share my recent experience about resume writing, After so long time I have got a call for an interview and tragedy was somehow I was missed my resume and forgot where I was kept it. But at the same time, I was opened my Gmail account

and searching for the resume.  At the same time watched one my email with google doc. Then I think that let start making a new resume from the scratch but the truth is I am very weak on formatting and design the doc file for the resume.

Suddenly I saw this I and decided to give a try and then I came to this fastest way to write a resume.

Heres the fastest way to write a resume in step by step

Step 1. Login to your google account and go to the google doc tab

Step 2: Click on resume thumbnail.

Resume Thumbnail

Step 3: Replace the demo content with your personal information and customize it as per your requirement.

And this was made me happy and feel relaxed. I have just replaced the data with my data and finished my resume in just around 5 to 10 minutes. You can customize this as per your requirement.

Step 4. After customizing my resume. I was just saved and print it. I have clicked the print icon and saved as PDF format. After that I got ready for the Interview.

Save Your Resume


Hope this will help you too. Please try and share your view also. Also, share this with your friends and colleagues because sharing is caring. Thanks.

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