Should I Work on a Big Corporate or Startup?

Working at a big corporate office might seem fun and has its own set of benefits, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering to work for a Startup company. Sure, the corporate job might give you a better pay (initially) and other benefits, but it also comes with the standard 9.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m job routine, including other things. Common complaints we usually hear from people working for a big company is that there’s not much room to grow, and processes are slow as they need to go through multiple checks by various people in the hierarchy.

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How to merge GoDaddy email in gmail account

Hey, friends, I am very happy today again, because I am coming with a new topic and this topic will help you a lot to manage your office and personal emails on a single email id. Suppose you have webmail on GoDaddy or in any hosting provider it is very time consuming to check your every email login every time to each account it is very time-consuming and irritating task. For those seeking for more work done in less time and be more productive. I am sure it will make your life easy.

What are the credentials you need to merge your GoDaddy email into your Gmail

Step 1. First, you have to go to the GoDaddy panel. Then click and go to the email wizard section. Click then you will your email id list.

Godaddy cPanel

Step 2. Then click into the email settings icon then you will find the Manual settings details for the required credentials. If you are using any other hosting you can also check there how to find the manual settings.


Step 3. After getting these credentials just keep this details handy. And go to the Gmail settings follow image.

Gmail Email Settings


Step 4. Then go to the accounts and Import tab. Let me clear first there will be two processes first is for incoming emails and the second one is for outgoing so, let’s start. Follow the below screenshots one by one.
Click on import mail and contacts link you will get a pop-up. Paste the email you want to import and merge.


Then you will have to put your GoDaddy POP3 credentials in the suggested fields. I have discussed the POP3 credentials in the second screenshot.



Step 5. In this step, after putting the credentials you will get the below window only if your credentials are correct. Then start importing the emails.

When your import will get imported you will get ready to find all emails in the single window.


You can also send mail as from the same email. Like you have imported “A” email into “B” you can send also email from “B” as email “A”. You just have to set up SMTP details and process is same as you have done above.



Conclusion: My final word is, in this busy and fast moving lifestyle we must have to be updated with our client’s emails and simultaneously focus on our important task. And I think this technique is the best way to tackle your email in a single bucket. If you have any other method to manage emails in a better way you can also share with us in our comment section. Like and share thanks.

Fastest way to write a resume

Today, I will share my recent experience about resume writing, After so long time I have got a call for an interview and tragedy was somehow I was missed my resume and forgot where I was kept it. But at the same time, I was opened my Gmail account

and searching for the resume.  At the same time watched one my email with google doc. Then I think that let start making a new resume from the scratch but the truth is I am very weak on formatting and design the doc file for the resume.

Suddenly I saw this I and decided to give a try and then I came to this fastest way to write a resume.

Heres the fastest way to write a resume in step by step

Step 1. Login to your google account and go to the google doc tab

Step 2: Click on resume thumbnail.

Resume Thumbnail

Step 3: Replace the demo content with your personal information and customize it as per your requirement.

And this was made me happy and feel relaxed. I have just replaced the data with my data and finished my resume in just around 5 to 10 minutes. You can customize this as per your requirement.

Step 4. After customizing my resume. I was just saved and print it. I have clicked the print icon and saved as PDF format. After that I got ready for the Interview.

Save Your Resume


Hope this will help you too. Please try and share your view also. Also, share this with your friends and colleagues because sharing is caring. Thanks.

How to grow as a PHP developer like a rock star

I don’t know you are new to PHP or a professional, I am writing this article for all who wants to excel their career in PHP. Before going to the depth of this article, we should know first that what actually it is? The full form of PHP is “PHP hypertext processor”. Simply, it is a server-side programming language. Whenever I hear this word it feels like god’s language set for me. Because The PHP saved my career, life, and everything. Currently, I am married and have one child also and living my happy life. PHP is my life to change server-side programming language and I am enjoying it. Basically, I am a Computer science Engineer and was jobless after passing out from my college. I was trying many companies with my college technical skills but not succeed. Finally, I have learned PHP and got hired by a company with basic fresher PHP questions. Therefore I say PHP is a language sent by God to me.

So Still, if you haven’t  Job or got stuck with your old PHP job now it’s time to grow up and make more passive income as a PHP developer. Here I will discuss how to start your career as a Php developer and grow yourself as a rock star.

How to get a PHP developer job easily?

First get a job:  Yes, don’t worry as a programmer it’s very easy to get PHP developer job. Just go through the basic PHP functions and logic like C or C++. I assume you know basic C/C++. My favorite place for PHP learning is You can go through step by step slowly and before going to the Interview read some PHP interview questions asked by most companies.I can assure you that if you know already basics of C/C++ you can grab PHP developer job within a week.

After Getting a Job what to do now: I have seen in my office several colleges are there. They have more experience than me and working like a dull employee and getting old salary no increment and usually, throw a common dialogue “PHP is not a good language we cannot make good money from PHP server scripting language”. I will say so sorry for such colleges who are living their precious life like this. Therefore don’t focus on other negative dialogues and believe on yourself. Just focus on just your own work and learn daily.

So the question is what to learn?

Now I will tell you what to learn and some futuristic PHP supporting languages which will help you to grab more opportunity in future.

  1. First get more strength in programming logic by daily practice and participating coding competitions.
  2. Learn supporting languages first and most wanted supporting language is jQuery. It is a javascript library and mostly time used in web application with PHP and other web technologies
  3. Learn Data exchange technologies like JSON or XML.
  4. Payment Gateway integration as much as possible. Example : PayPal,
  5. Web Services like RESTful and SOAP.
  6. Databases Mysql, MongoDB, PDO
  7. Learn CMS plugin and module development for WordPress, Drupal, Magento.
  8. Theme Integration for popular CMS like Magento and WordPress.
  9. Learn at least one MVC frameworks among CodeIgnitor, CakePHP, Laravel, Zend etc.
  10. Good team player attitude, work hard and focus on own not others dialogues.

If you will the above top 10 rules I can challenge you that within a year your salary will double or triple. I will request you to read this top 10 rule daily after coming from office till these rules will set on your subconscious mind never forgot to follow. By following this top 10 rules I have made my career better and still making better. Now my salary is four times greater than I have started.

BtechShouter transformation into JavaScript tutorial

Hey friends, Myself Sandeep Kumar Dan creator of, I have relaunched my dream blog again and this time with javascript tutorial passion, am not alone I am with my great passion and motivation to publish the quality tutorials which will benefit you and create value in your life. I am really very happy to relaunch BtechShouter.

Four years ago, I had a dream to set up a tutorial blog in from India to inspire and motivate to all learners who are trying to push themselves on their own field. I was struggling on my day to day life since long time but now I reboot myself and came again with double energy and passion to create some value and contribute something to this beautiful community