startup jobs

Should I Work on a Big Corporate or Startup?

Working at a big corporate office might seem fun and has its own set of benefits, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering to work for a Startup company. Sure,…

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How to merge GoDaddy email in gmail account

Hey, friends, I am very happy today again, because I am coming with a new topic and this topic will help you a lot to manage your office and personal…

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The fastest way to make resume

Fastest way to write a resume

Today, I will share my recent experience about resume writing, After so long time I have got a call for an interview and tragedy was somehow I was missed my…

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PHP Developer

How to grow as a PHP developer like a rock star

PHP the “hypertext processor” programming language whenever I hear this word it feels like god’s language set for me. Because The PHP saved my career, life, and everything. Currently, I am married and have one child also and living my happy life.

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BtechShouter transformation into JavaScript tutorial

Hey friends, Myself Sandeep Kumar Dan creator of, I have relaunched my dream blog again and this time with javascript tutorial passion, am not alone I am with…

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