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Should I Work on a Big Corporate or Startup?

Working at a big corporate office might seem fun and has its own set of benefits, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering to work for a Startup company. Sure, the corporate job might give you a better pay (initially) and other benefits, but it also comes with the standard 9.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m job routine, including other things. Common complaints we usually hear from people working for a big company is that there’s not much room to grow, and processes are slow as they need to go through multiple checks by various people in the hierarchy.

During the time spent at a corporate office, you would have to put on those shiny formals and show up at 9.00a.m only to head straight to the cafeteria for some coffee because you are sleep deprived.  Also, big corporate offices often get uncomfortably quiet, isn’t it so?

Do grievances matter to you?

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Then that is just another reason why you should give your career a new shot in the arm by working for a startup company. And for those people who need a little more convincing, we have made a neat list of reasons to work for a Startup company at least once in their lifetime.

1. Better acknowledgement for your work
While working for a corporate, there is every chance that an important task you completed goes unnoticed by pretty much everyone. That is applicable even more to people working in entry-level jobs.

If you’re working for a startup, chances are someone will instantly shoot a message or Email to the entire team congratulating you on completing a task or achieving a goal. While it doesn’t seem like a lot, that positive motivation works like a charm on an individual level. You’ll feel more motivated, that’s for sure. The recognition that you receive for completing your job, or for going that extra mile to close a client, will be noticed by everyone, and you’ll be in high spirits to complete your next task even better.

2. Independence=greater responsibility
When you are working for a Startup company, you’ll be given a good amount of freedom in your work. There won’t be anyone to guide you on how to achieve your goal or task set to you. Initially you might be a little confused as to how to get things done, but this freedom will allow you to learn faster, exercise your creativity, and get out of your comfort zone.
Of course, the freedom also comes with a strong sense of responsibility. Since you’ll be the owner of your task, you’ll be given that extra freedom to execute it in your way. That also puts all the responsibility for that task and everything on your shoulders.  But at the end of the day, you’ll feel the strong sense of ownership for having contributed to the growth of the Startup company with your potential.

3. Strong relationship with coworkers
How often do you stay back in your office to order pizza to chill and watch a football match with your colleagues? Chances are, you’ll be doing a lot of those with your coworkers at a Startup. Most of the Startup companies start small, and it is way easier to form bonds and connect with people on a  personal level when the team size is small. Such an environment cultivates team spirit leading to strong bonding between coworkers and even the founders of the company, and a more unified vision towards achieving the goals of that Startup as they are familiar with your own workplace goals.

4. Less resource leads to innovation
What happens when someone asks you to market a product and tells you that the budget is Rs.0? Boom! Your first reaction would be “this can’t be done.” A few hours later, you’ll have found half a dozen ways to market the product with a Rs.0 or minimal budget. The point is, because mostly all Startups have fewer resources to throw around, you quickly learn to get innovative, and find ways to get more done with less. You will learn to working under tight constraints which you wouldn’t probably learn while working for a big company with a huge marketing budget.
Also, you will start to approach problems differently, be it in any domain – work, life, etc. So, Go ahead and explore.

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